About Us

Deccani Store is a dedicated handicraft store (Legal Name: Deccani Handicrafts). DeccaniStore.com is an online store introducing products from craftsmen and artisans from remote areas.

Our Story starts with a Handmade wild palm stake lampshade maker(craftsman) on the footpath of a small coastal town. With an intension to help him and his family for the day we purchased 4 lampshade for our use. Everyday we used to watch him making lampshades on the footpath which was very close to my home. Then we found cheap Chinese lampshades made up of paper and plastic all over the twin cities during Diwali. Chinese lampshades were not durable and faded very soon and lost their beauty, However, the lamp shades which we purchased long back were very durable and retained its original aesthetics.  This inspired us to venture an idea of selling these palm stake lampshades online on Amazon/flipkart and other market places. So the journey started as a seller in online market places.

Soon we had more than 50 products for various handmade items. We  wanted our products to be available to everyone at an affordable price, but due to market intermediaries, we were not able to keep the prices low and were loosing margins to the intermediaries in the form of marketplace fees, etc. Most unfortunate thing is we had to compete with cheap Chinese items and in doing so our buyers end up paying more. Hence we thought of venturing into a direct store and giving the price advantage to our buyers. Here you will find all our products which are rightly priced and you can find certain products are exclusive, which you will not find anywhere. We also do a strict checking of authenticity before introducing the product on the store. Hence, you can be sure that you will find 100% authentic handmade items. Deccani Store is directly procuring material from craftsmen and we don’t encourage intermediaries.

Today Indian handicrafts are very expensive and not easily available to everyday buyer on the contrary Chinese products have made place everywhere. Deccani Store makes it available to you online at affordable prices. We only sell 100% Indian handmade products.

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