100% Eco Friendly Bird Nest- Cone Type

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100% Eco Friendly Bird Nest with ample ventilation for small birds like finches, sparrows, love birds etc.

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Eco Friendly bird nest are made up of seasoned wild palm stakes. Skilled craftsmen have put their complete dedication in weaving these tiny cute little nests, which have great aesthetics and friendly to your birds. These nests have ample ventilation unlike the plastic machine milled ones and Suitable for small sized birds like finches and love birds. These nests can be kept in cages of all sizes and your cute little birds would love them during hot summer days. 3 hours of labor has been put in crafting each nest with bare hands. The nest is PU coated for long life. Unlike plastic it doesn’t heat up in sunlight making it bird friendly.

  • 100% Eco Friendly bird nests
  • Natural Ample ventilation
  • Increases the beauty of your bird cages
  • Handcrafted with Palm Stakes
  • Unlike plastic the nest doesn’t heat up as it is made up of natural plant material

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Weight 265 g
Dimensions 30.48 × 15.24 × 15.24 cm


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