Daily Use Metal Alloy (Panchaloha) Toe Ring for Women – Double Round Spring Type with Sleeping ‘S’ Pattern – 2 Pieces


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Indian metal alloy Toe Rings are for rough use and can be worn daily even in shower keeping your worries at bay. This ornament is an alloy with copper as base metal and is not gold-plated. Hence it remains the same even after years of use as long the ornament is in regular use. It may get dull if kept aside for some time or due to mismatch with some body types, however, it will regain its color once cleaned with tamarind extract or pitambari powder. Your friends and relatives will be mused on the Toe Rings as they resemble gold. This pack contains 2 Sleeping ‘S’ pattern Toe Rings. Please be informed that sometimes due to different body types or working conditions at home (like women cleaning bathroom floors with acidic chemicals etc.) the toe rings may get dull quickly. This is obvious with any metals that they will get discolored when come in contact with acids. However, you can get the color back by simply cleaning the toe rings with tamarind extract or dish wash powder within seconds.

  • Metal Alloy with Copper as Base Metal (Panchaloha)
  • Free Size and can be Adjusted by Pressing/Twisting the ring after wearing
  • Gold color which resembles real Gold
  • Daily use Toe Rings and can be on body always (Even in shower).
  • A Guaranteed Product
  • The toe ring can be cleaned with dish wash powder or tamarind extract whenever you feel it has become dull and it will regain its original color


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