Beautiful and Vibrant Lord Ganesh Wall Hanging Metal Craft – Silver (52cm H x 50cm W x 6cm D)

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Deccani Handicrafts brings to you a Beautiful and Vibrant Lord Ganesh wall hanging metal craft. This is an aluminum made decorative metal craft. The process of making this craft involves melting aluminum and die casting and hand finishing. In this craft lord Ganesh with has a cobra around his belly to hold the universe inside. Lord Ganesh’s belly represents the whole cosmos. These are held together by the cosmic energy symbolized by the huge snake around him. The cobra runs around his waist represents energy in all forms. The big belly signifies that a person should face all pleasant and unpleasant experiences during his life span with patience and calmness. This craft is surrounded by radiance glow of the sun rays which shows lord Ganesh’s exceptional power. Lord Ganesh brings good luck and happiness around your house. Ganesh is known as the God of wealth, sciences, knowledge, wisdom and prosperity. The most Hindus remember him and seek his blessings before starting any Important work. Ganesh is also the destroyer of pride, selfishness and egotism.This is a good decorative item, that can be hung on walls in living spaces, pooja room at home or offices and shops. This metal craft is designed to last for a lifetime. It is an ideal gift for several auspicious occasions like housewarming, marriage, Corporate Gifts etc.

  • Lord Ganesh metal wall hanging craft
  • DIMENSIONS in centimeters are (HEIGHT= 52 cm) X (WIDTH= 50 cm) X (DEPTH= 6 cm)
  • It needs minimal maintenance and should be wiped with a soft cloth.
  • This metal craft is designed to last for a lifetime, as well enhance the interiors of your house
  • An excellent gifting option for your nearest and dearest ones on special occasions


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