Beautiful Goddess Saraswati Metal Idol- Copper Coated (29.5cm H x 19.5cm W x 12cm D)

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Deccani Handicrafts brings to you a Beautiful handcrafted figurine of Goddess Saraswati. This is a copper oxidized aluminum decorative metal craft. The process of making this craft involves melting aluminum and die casting, hand finishing the craft and then copper oxidization. This metal craft is designed to last for a lifetime, as time passes by, the copper color becomes darker by weathering and climatic conditions and the craft looks like an antique piece. The Goddess Saraswati is also the Goddess of knowledge, music, arts wisdom & learning. In this Figurine Saraswati plays the Veena. She is depicted with it because it symbolizes knowledge, music, arts wisdom & learning. The Veena, in addition to representing the arts, serves as a reminder to tune one’s heart and mind to live in harmony with others and the world. A white lotus represents purity and knowledge. This statue can be used as table decor, showcase decor, Office Decor, Temple, Classroom Decor, and can be placed as in your pooja room. Bring powerful energies to your home with this goddess Saraswati statue. A must have for people dedicating their lives for art, music and knowledge. It is an ideal gift for several auspicious occasions like Teachers day, Parents Day, Gurupoornima, Saraswati Pooja, Vasantha Panchami, etc.

  • The Goddess Saraswati idol is hand-crafted by skilled artisans
  • DIMENSIONS in centimeters are (HEIGHT= 29.50cm) X (WIDTH= 19.50cm) X (DEPTH= 12cm)
  • This idol is made up of aluminum and then copper oxidized, which adds to its color and gives the antique look
  • It needs minimal maintenance and should be wiped with a soft cloth. Please avoid the use of harmful chemicals/water, as this might damage the statue
  • This metal idol is designed to last for a lifetime, as well enhance the interiors of your house.


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