Metal Beautiful Kathakali Face Wall Hanging and Decorative Plate (Silver) (25cm H x 18cm W x 6cm D)


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Deccani Handicrafts brings to you a Beautiful Kathakali wall hanging decorative artwork. This is an aluminum made decorative metal craft. The process of making this craft involves melting aluminum and die casting and hand finishing. The craft resembles the face of a Kathakali artist/performer. Kathakali is a traditional art form of Kerala. The word Kathakali literally means story telling in the form of a play with characters heavily dressed up and heads decorated and faces colorfully painted. The signature style of the art form is that the jawbone is exaggerated wide, making altogether an enlarged face and various colors are used to depict the character which the performer is playing which depends on the mood and characterization in the play. Our Kathakali face is a vibrant decorative item embracing the Malayali culture. It is a must have in your collections if you are obsessed with the art and culture from the south Indian traditions. This craft can be hung on a wall in living rooms, personal room, home, offices or schools. It can be great gifting idea as well.

  • Kathakali Face handcrafted decorative metal wall hanging
  • DIMENSIONS in centimeters are (HEIGHT=25cm ) X (WIDTH= 18cm) X (DEPTH= 6cm)
  • It needs minimal maintenance and should be wiped with a soft cloth
  • This metal craft is designed to last for a lifetime, as well enhance the interiors of your house.
  • An excellent gifting option for your nearest and dearest ones on special occasions


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